Tips to earn your bread while being an artist

From Van Gogh to Picasso to Michael Jackson to Beyoncé, we have heard of great artists who were popular for their art. Despite their popularity as artists, the profession is still not looked upon as a very rewarding one in terms of earnings – for example trading online with Quantum Code could be generating bigger profits. But if you love art and would like to take it up as your profession, then here a few tips that can help you go in the right direction.

First things first, create art!

The very first thing you will need to do is create great pieces of art that reflects what you believe in. This means you do not get affected by the expectations of the society but create your own style. This way you will stay true to yourself and the art pieces you create will reflect them. This is the very first step to succeeding as an artist.

Tone down your lifestyle

It sure is tempting to continue living in your current lifestyle while you are just trying to make things work. When you are trying to make it big as an artist, be it photography or painting or music, it also makes a huge difference when you live in the city. But cities can be very expensive places to live. That is why it really helps if you can reduce your living costs until a time when you start making a lot of money.

Write down a plan

There is no one tried and tested way that works for everyone. So make a plan that will be easy for you to carry out. Just follow your heart and don’t even listen to anyone who will tell you that you have to get real and try to be different etc. You are better off without these ideas, as you will be the best judge of your own capabilities and interests.

Create your network

They say networking skills are very important for one to succeed as an artist. While this is true, it does not mean befriending every other person that you meet in the field. Feel free to only network with like-minded individuals or groups that you are comfortable with. After all, you don’t want any negativity to be in the way of your creativity.

You are an artist!

In the initial stages many find it hard to tell other that they are artists. You don’t have to wait for to make it big before you call yourself an artist. Say it out loud from day one.

Create a blog

Next to networking, sharing your ideas, thoughts and resources on free platforms like social networking sites, blogs and free online websites gets your noticed.

Last but not the least, ask to be paid

Work hard all you want but never give your work away for free or hesitate to ask to be paid. Art, Music, Photography are things some people like to take for granted especially when we live in a consumerist world. In the bargain, they will convince you to think that it is alright to be underpaid. Never even listen to such people, as it is only artists like who can make the world understand its value.