Is It Really Possible To Consider Art As A Solid Investment And Business?

We are now in the era of commercialization. If something is popular, if people are ready to spend money on it, then we are ready to create a thriving business out of it. So it is with the stock and binary trading online, but there are people who’d try to mislead you like those behind the Dubai Lifestyle App. The commercialization is happening with art too as it was not very prevalent in the past.

The days of the ‘struggling musicians’ is almost over now. In the past, unless you truly had the potential, unless you had the right investor to project your art work, it was very difficult for artists to make ends meet. But with the advancement of technology, every segment in the art industry including photography, performing arts, literature and more are getting a better reach.

How has technology helped in establishing businesses around art?

With internet, the marketing strategies have evolved. So making an artist popular is pretty simple. There are many self-taught artists who are able to learn newer techniques and fine tune their skills with the help of online videos that are available in websites like YouTube. They have gone viral with Facebook and they make money with Adsense. So, as an artist, you can actually make a living with internet.

If an artist wishes to follow a master or learn from the experts, Internet is their go to place these days. An Artist doesn’t have to travel across the world to get in touch with experts or purchase instruments or gadgets. The supplies, like say costumes and props for the theater artists, camera and lens for the photography experts are all widely available online and this really makes setting up a business around arts really easy.

Art as an investment

“Finacialization” of art is in trend now. Art now, besides flourishing as a great business is also viewed as a good place to invest. Like every other investment option on the market, if you do enough research and invest on fine arts, you can make a good financial gain out of the work you buy.

  • Consider the case of original photographs by the world’s greatest photographers, paintings by the most popular artists, these gain popularity with time.
  • Original works of the legendary artists of the past are still considered as prized possessions. Several galleries and museums wait to gain these pieces to add to their exhibits.
  • If you buy a painting, today it might just lie there adorning your walls. But few years down the line, its value might increase exponentially.

Here are some points to consider while investing in art:

  • Do not blindly go behind the crowd. Any artist who markets himself wisely can become a trendsetter these days. So do not just go by the popularity of the artists in social media. Evaluate their work. There might be smaller artists whose works are truly remarkable but often unnoticed. These might be less expensive to buy now and might gain popularity in the years to come.
  • Professional art advisers might be able to help you decide on the financial value of the art work. Talking about the actual art work, you might be able to get giclee of famous paintings at much lower prices. These are print versions of original paintings. They look genuine but are often not worth the investment. Their value would not increase as the value of the original painting would.
  • Consider all such factors before you invest in art. When you do your research right, art can also be considered as a great choice for investment.